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How to Build a Murphy Bed that Easily Transforms into a Desk

If you’re tight on living space or you want your guest room to double as an office, here’s a piece of furniture you’ll want to check out. This bed quickly converts to a desk without increasing its footprint. When you switch it back to a bed, the desk stays level, so you can leave all your stuff on it!

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Furniture that Pays for Itself? It’s Possible!

These days, consumers are budget-conscious, but they still want living spaces that look great. It can be a struggle to blend form and function and cope with rising costs. Rent costs are continually climbing. In fact, according to the latest statistics, it looks like California— traditionally one of the priciest states for metro living— is getting even more expensive, even in its less-pricy cities. We all know that San Francisco is extremely expensive (the average price for a one-bedroom apartment within San Francisco city limits is in the range of $3,400/month!) but now even California’s less-expensive cities, like Sacramento and Fresno, are experiencing steep rental hikes. California cities make up half of the top ten fastest-growing rental prices, making the cost of living less affordable for many people in the state (source). California might be the most dramatic, but it’s not the only city in this situation: it’s an issue all around the globe.

Renters Can Save Money with Innovative Furniture Design

Most apartments are priced per square foot, so it pays to get as small a place as possible. But many people worry about all of their furniture fitting in the small area, or they’re afraid that they won’t have any room to have friends over. All those worries can be erased with a simple and unexpected solution: convertible, space-saving furniture! There’s no better option for small studio apartments. With smaller apartments becoming the norm these days, the market for convertible furniture is exploding. Essentially, when you get furniture that takes up less space and serves more functions, you can get a smaller apartment, saving you a lot of money on rent. That’s how furniture can pay for itself! Space-Saving Furniture Designs: Styles and Benefits As the market for convertible, space-saving furniture grows, more and more styles will become available. There are so many innovators out there who are working to make small spaces into productive workspaces and comfortable living areas.

Hiddenbed currently offers many incredible dual-function or triple-function options.

Attractive: a double or queen Murphy bed that folds to take up less space with optional storage box or sofa, the Hiddenbed Majestic: a double or queen sized Murphy bed with a desk that you can leave everything on as you transform to bed position. Ritzy: a twin size triple-function sofa bed + desk, Splendid: a horizontal bed + desk combo that creates more floor space and extra storage with optional cabinets on top, and the new hDesk: a workspace that converts from an individual desk to a conference table perfect for training facilities or call centers.

Space-saving furniture is the way of the future,

especially as cities continue to become more crowded and expensive, and as millennials continue to favor smaller living spaces. Whether for home or for business, there are convertible furniture options suitable for everyone in this growing market. No matter where you are in the world, space-saving furniture is a smart investment for the future!

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