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Double Decker Bunk Bed Mechanism Kit -Twin/Twin
Price - $269.00

The Hiddenbed Double Decker Bunk Bed holds two twin size mattresses - 39" x 75". The kit includes fitting set, technical drawings in CAD and PDF and assembly instructions. Weight 10lbs. No building material or hardware screws are included. SEE BELOW FOR TECHNICAL DRAWINGS, HARDWARE KIT AND OPTIONAL HARDWARE.

Technical drawings for Double Decker Bunk Bed Twin
Price - $1.99

Please note: The technical drawings are included with the purchased of the mechanism kit. This item is for the drawings alone. Technical Drawings will be downloaded when payment is received and payment is NON-Refundable. All drawings are in metric.

Hardware Kit for Horizontal Models
Price - $55.00
  Hardware kit includes all
screws and fasteners
needed for horizontal
Twin and Double Hiddenbeds.

Weight 5lbs.
7 x 70, Confirmat 59 pcs.  
#8 x 1 1/2", flat head wood screw 22 pcs.
#8 x 2", flat head wood screw 46 pcs.
#8 x 3/4", flat head wood screw 7 pcs.
1/4" - 20 x 2", flat head allen & T nut 6 pcs.
1/4" - 20 x 1 1/4", carriage bolt & nut 20 pcs.
Safety bracket 2 pcs.
Bumper, 10 x 20 mm 2 pcs.
Shelf Stiffeners for Horizontal Models Only:
Price - $79.00

Set of 2 with screws, aluminum shelf stiffeners to add structural support to the cabinet top and the desk top. These pieces are for Horizontal models Twin or Double only. Set includes 2 pieces -- Weight 6lbs.

Safety Bracket - set of 2:
Price - $22.99

Secures folding beds to wall. The special design ensures that force is distributed evenly over all the mounting bolts. The swiveling wall plate permits straightforward mounting in any position.

Safety Bracket Safety Bracket Dimensioned Drawing Safety Bracket Assembly Drawing

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