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This is a blog dedicated to helping those who wish to use the HiddenBed mechanism to build their own HiddenBed.

Hiddendesk in Singapore

Isn’t this amazing? We’re seriously bursting with pride with what Leda managed to develop using the Hiddendesk patented mechanism, giving local students a better environment to learn and experiment at the same time. We’re all for a hands-on approach to education and actually being able to be part of it blows our minds. And it’s all thanks to Leda and their ingenious creativity. Thanks Leda!

Enter the Singapore Polytechnic School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. The school installed several Hiddendesks,
with one major tweak: the top of the desk remains see-through, allowing students to work with materials that need to be covered,
as well as to store away equipment when not needed for class. The clear top is a genius way to actually let students continue with
lectures even when they need to use the equipment stowed under it – by being see-through, they can still follow the class while working hands-on with what they need.

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