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This is a blog dedicated to helping those who wish to use the HiddenBed mechanism to build their own HiddenBed.

Double Your Space with HiddenBed

HiddenBed Bed

There is one challenge most of us face no matter where we live or work, we need more space. Most of the time we are limited and we try to organize our homes and work areas to make the most efficient use of the space we have. One of the great things about transforming furniture is the ability to perform multiple tasks within the same amount of space. Hiddenbed is a great way to take advantage of the space we have and use this space as efficiently as possible. No matter where we use a Hiddenbed, it will definitely “double the space” we have available. Hiddenbed is similar to a Murphy bed when it comes to saving space, but the Hiddenbed is more functional as everything remains on the desk when you transform from the desk top to the bed. The Hiddenbed can be adapted for use in many applications. Kids rooms, craft or sewing, office and guest rooms, student housing, just to name a few.

The “Tiny Home” movement is trending all over the world. Many people are creating tiny homes that take up very little space, however organizing these tiny homes can be a challenge. There are many reasons why tiny homes are in demand. Many people want to live with less and achieve more. They want the ability to move their house to wherever they desire. They want to live sustainable, green, to shrink their carbon footprint, to live off the grid, with a “less is more” attitude. Many singles, couple and families are realizing they no longer require a large living space. Regardless of the reason, Hiddenbed has the solution for just about any space saving application. A work desk/office space with a single, double or queen bed. A sofa that transforms to a bed or a Dining room table that converts to a sewing table and conceals your sewing machine when not in use. All these options are perfect space savers in a tiny home.

Children’s rooms are one of the better fits for a Hiddenbed. A child’s bedroom, no matter what age can easily become cluttered with toys, books, clothes, etc. And the older they get the more things they accumulate and the more space they need. This is a great option for a child’s room because you can store away the bed and use the desk top for homework and other projects while keeping the floor area free and in turn creating more space to play. There is also a Bunk Bed model that’s perfect for sleepovers.

Another great place for a Hiddenbed is the Guest room, home office. More and more people are working from home. Now you can have a functional home office without giving up the ability to have overnight guests. This bed offers you the option to convert your desk into a bed and back to a desk again without removing any of your work, computer, printer, etc. from the desk top. Making it the perfect way to work at home and still have the perfect room when your guest arrives.

These are just a few suggestions of how the Hiddenbed can offer you a great way to double the space you have. Check here to see if there is a retail store in your area. Handy with wood? Save on the cost of retail by building your own Hiddenbed with our DIY mechanism kit, which comes complete with technical drawings (plans). You just provide the wood and the labor! If you are looking for an innovative way to use space, a Hiddenbed is sure to meet your needs and sure to double your space.

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